Experienced many years in the world of Satellite TV

Skynindo is committed to delivering quality, educating, and entertaining impressions with the best in audio visual technology.

Trying to meet the demands of the people in Indonesia for quality impressions. Skynindo comes to give color in presenting a variety of impressions. Bringing the slogan “Moment of Togetherness, Moment of Happyness”, Skynindo has secured a permanent broadcast lisence from the Ministry of Communication and Information of Indonesia, No.101/M.KOMINFO/03/2010.

By employing satelite system with MPEG4 technology, Skynindo expects to maximaze the audivisual quality and brodcast it to the entire geograpical region of Indonesia. Supplied with wide varieties of best Internayional cahnnels and best quality in-house channel which present programs suitable to the Indonesian lifestyle. Skynindo wishes to give excelent alternative viewing materials, with execelent quality yet with competitive and afforrdable price.


Skynindo has a vision to be a jewel of the arts and cuture theat incorporates the world’s treasure. For that, Skynindo provides the instrument that opens the greatness of Asia even further, especially to the people of Indonesia.


With Skynindo’s quality digital televison, brings varieties of information, entertainment, and education, with a taste of Asia. Skynindo also provide International channel that brings new adventures to your television.

Skynindo Benefit

As one of Indonesia’s pay TV operator, Skynindo gives extra values and convenience in its service

Affordable prices

Skynindo is a subscription TV with affordable price but prioritizing quality.

High technology

Brings unlimited AudioVisual quality technology.

Qualified Impressions

Brings the most complete variety of impressions to all families all over Indonesia.

MPEG4 Technology

Broadcasting quality with cutting edge technology.

Channel Variatif and Unique

Presents a variety of quality channels according to the needs and lifestyles of the people of Indonesia.

Customer satisfaction

Providing maximum service and quick response for all customers.

Skynindo Network

Through Satellite Chinasat-10, 110,50, Frequencies 3520 and 3560, Syb 30,000 and Vertical Polarization, Skynindo is able to become the leading satellite TV that has the widest range in Indonesia.